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• 7/7/2018

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• 6/20/2016

Help! My Setik disappeared!

I was going to switch my Setik with my Hunber in the PC. I didn't want to press "Store" yet in case the game crashed again. (It happened before; lost my other Setik because I didn't save) I pressed "Cancel", because I was going to save before trying to store my Setik. But when I went to Save, I saw something peculiar. My Hunber was part of my Party Pokemon. I logged onto the PC. The only Pokemon there was my Polbee. Setik. Vanished. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm not too upset because it was a Setik, but what if I lost my Kittorch or another Pokemon I really like? How do I avoid this?
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• 5/14/2016

Error window after start (HELP)

So I JUST downloaded the game and it asked me to fix the fonts (copy the game's fonts to my computer's font-file) and I pressed yes and I get an error window.
This error window

And I thought that it meant that it just closed the game so I could fix the fonts, so I fixed with the fonts, opened the game again and when I pressed Enter, I get that exact same error window. 
I tried downloading it again, same thing. I tried removing the fonts from my fonts file, same thing. Am I the only one who has this problem? I haven't seen anyone else talk about it so it seems like it. How do I fix this? I really want to play the game so I hope that this is fix-able ;-;
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• 5/3/2016
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• 3/11/2016

Battle animations??

where are they, I've tried toggling that option on and off to no avail
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• 12/6/2015


Is the favicon represenable for the wiki? it is now Ottum , is it a good choise?
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• 11/14/2015

Message from a Wikia contributor

Why can't I put my code for the mystery gifts
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• 10/18/2015
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• 9/27/2015

Is anyone on this Wikia a Mets Fan?

The Mets have clinched a postseason berth and I'm totally hype. I wonder if there are any other Met fans here.
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• 9/7/2015
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• 9/4/2015
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• 9/1/2015

What moves are weak against Mosachuset?

I'm trying to get my Second badge but the leader's Mosachuset is making it difficult.
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• 8/31/2015

Help! how do i change my screen resolution?

help me i cant find the option to change my screen resolution
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• 8/30/2015

My thoughts on the Demo so far

I love the work that was put into this game. The music sounds fresh and soothing. I haven't finished since I'm still in Longspur City. There is one problem that is just bothering me... Regina's party is a bit overpowered. I find my Avinch getting 2-hit by her Opaby's Bite. I keep having to train in Avocet Forest, but that isn't enough. Anyone else having the same/similar issue?
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• 8/26/2015

Competitive impressions

One day, we are going to play with the Etherial Gates Pokemon on Showdown. So i felt like discussing how a competitive metagame would look with just the Pokemon and movesets we have now.
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• 8/25/2015

Random observations

I find a lot of random interesting things while looking through the data, and im sure im not the only one. So i made a thread for it!
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• 8/25/2015


Does anyone know how this wikia was set up? I'm specifically thinking of the enormous amount of templates installed. I was trying to replicate it by hand, but it is just way too much.
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• 8/24/2015

Adding a chatroom to the Wikia

I've been thinking that maybe the wikia should get a chatroom simmilar to other wikia sites.
I think the community will benifit from a live chat. People can help each other get answers about the game quickly. or just discuss there thoughts and theories in general.
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• 8/23/2015
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• 8/22/2015

Which template are we using for pokemon pages?

Would be nice if we had a standardized template to use, theres like 3 or 4 different ones being used.
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