Type  Flying
Category  Physical
Power  55
Accuracy  100%
PP  15 (max. 24)
Priority  {{{priority}}}
The user nimbly strikes the foe. This attack does more damage if the user is not holding an item.
Foe Foe
Self Ally
May affect anyone but the user

Acrobatics is an offensive Flying-type move. Its power doubles to 110 if the user is not holding an item.

Pokémon that learn Acrobatics

By leveling up

Pokémon Type Level
#001 001MS Fernling Grass Flying 36
#002 002MS Volpant Grass Flying 40
#003 003MS Volansalix Grass Flying 42
#164 164MS Frubat Normal Flying 24


Though currently not possible for the player, Beckett's Allerglen knows Acrobatics. This seems to imply that Allerglen can learn Acrobatics through some method in a later version, possibly via TM.

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