It was released on October 4th, 2015. This update included the fixing of some 6th gen related errors and, of course, different screen sizes.

It was quickly updated on October 5th, 2015 to version 1.1.1.

Major changes and fixes

  • Bigger screen sizes (2x and 3x).
  • When selecting Pokémon, the selector is on the Pokémon.
  • New designs for Pyrolinx, Maggona and Abdoscus.
  • Pokémon details are shown upon catching the Pokémon for the first time.
  • Password system changed.

The change log

This was the change log included with the game:

Change log

  • Game Balancing.
  • Pokémon Sprites:
    • Reformatted to fix the cut-off glitch for non-animated sprites.
    • Pyrolinx, Maggona, and Abdoscus all have new designs/sprite.
  • Battle System:
    • Most 6th gen related "errors" have been fixed. (I.e. being able to paralyze electric types, gen.6 abilities, etc.).
    • Overall placement of graphics in the battle scene has been adjusted.
    • Pokémon selection "selector" is correctly placed now.
    • Exp Bar overshooting glitch has been fixed.
  • Pokédex Screen
    • Info page was redone to fit everything better.
    • Catching a Pokémon now displays their info, and the fairy type icon if they are of that type.
    • Main screen was finished and fixed the offset icon glitch.
    • Map menu now displays a Pokémon's location (note that their locations for areas beyond the      demo maps are not in the game yet, so they will not be highlighted yet).
    • Forms page has been repositioned. (there's no way to pick a different form yet, sorry).
  • Options Menu Redone (mouse input not configured yet):
    • Added screen size option.
  • Password system replaced with Kleinstudios MysteryGift system and regraphic-ed.
  • Party Screen:
    • Gender icon placed better.
    • "able"/"not able" text placed better.
    • Various graphical changes, such as diagonal hp bars/square status affliction graphics/etc.
  • Summary Screen:
    • Added the shiny star icon.
    • Repositioned learning a new move selector box graphic+type icons.
  • Bag Screen:
    • Fixed small text size glitch.
    • Repositioned/remade graphics overall to work better together.
  • Pause Menu:
    • Pink Selector circle's locations have been fine tuned.
    • Name of your selection is in the center of the screen, as opposed to shooting off the sides.
  • Load menu:
    • Now displays your party as opposed to time/map/etc.
  • Region Map:
    • Redone Entirely.

Known Bugs

There still were some problems in v1.1