The Ethereal Gates Mixtape was created by Sean Petersen released by Perihelion Productions on September 2, 2015. It is a free downloadable file that consists of three files labled "Ethereal Gates Bonus CD; Misery Stick Edition #DINGDANGTIME", Ethereal Gates OST, and CREDITS

Ethereal Gates OST

The following tracks can be found on this file.

Apalis Town

Auklet Library

Auklet Town

Avocet City Gym 

Avocet City

Avocet Forest

Battle! (Gym Leader)

Battle! (Mythos Grunts)

Battle! (Rival)

Battle! (Trainer)

Battle! (Wild)

Pokémon Center

Corella Town




Got 'Em!

Longspur City Gym

Longspur City

'Poké Mart'

'Obtained a Badge!'

'Prof. Hawthorne'

'Route 1'

'Route 3'

'Route 4'

'Show me Around'

'Team Mythos Appears!'


'Victory! (Gym Leader)'

'Victory! (Trainer)'

'Victory! (Wild)'

'Welcome to the World (Introduction)'

Bonus CD

The following Tracks can be found on this file.

Apalis Town {8 Bit}

Battle! (Gym Leader) {8-Bit}

Battle! (Rival) {Live}

Longspur City (Drunken Lullaby)


Ethereal Gates OST Personnel

All music composed, arranged or both by - Sean Petersen

Lead guitars 1-3 on Battle! (Rival) - Rob Wickline

Trumpet on Corella Town and Avocet Forest - Dallas Taylor

Female Voice on Longspur City - Amanda Spivack

Ethereal Gates Bonus CD; Misery Stick Edition #DINGDANGTIME

Drunken Male Voice on Longspur City (Drunken Lullaby) - Brandon Essig

Battle! (Rival) {Live} Personnel

Trumpet - Dallas Taylor

Alto Saxophone - Dustyn DeBernardo

Tenor Saxophone - Dustin Hill

Trombone - Frank Rein Lead Guitar 1 - Sean Conlon

Lead Guitar 2 - Rob Wickline

Rhythm Guitar - Sean Petersen

Bass - Bruce Kang

Drum Kit- Jimmy Swartz