Mystery Gift is a system that allows players to receive special gifts from online.

Demo Version 1.0

In the Demo Version 1.0, Mystery Gifts operated through a password system. Players could input passwords to an NPC known as Password Pete found in Poké Marts across the Leneka region to receive Mystery Gifts. Only one official event used this system, though players found passwords for several more Mystery Gifts that the developers had forgotten to remove from the game. As of Demo Version 1.1, none of these passwords work.


Gift Lv Type Ability Moves Held item OT Password
Barilbil 5 Normal Pickup or Hustle Tackle, Growl n/a (Player's) PEGdemo

Unofficial Mystery Gifts

Gift Lv Type Ability Moves Held item OT Password Other notes
Fernling 5 Grass Flying Overgrow Pound, Leer n/a (Player's) ARTwinSAN Shiny
Kittorch 5 Fire Blaze Scratch,

Tail Whip

n/a (Player's) FIREnick Shiny
Kittorch 5 Fire Blaze Scratch,

Tail Whip

n/a (Player's) artWINka Shiny
Polbee 10 Bug Flying Honey Gather Tackle, Leech Life, Sand Attack n/a Twitch friiBIER2 Shiny; nicknamed FREEBEER
Ottum 10 Fairy Harvest Pond, Growl, Charm, Disarming Voice n/a (Player's) autumnus19 Shiny
Albaloo 10 Water Flying Keen Eye Growl, Water Gun, Supersonic, Wing Attack n/a Scott saltySC0TT

spelt with a zero

Shiny; nicknamed Salty
Thunder Stone thor4zuzu
Fire Stone olfaith88
Super Potion thx4down

Demo Version 1.1

In Demo Version 1.1, the initial demo's Mystery Gift system was replaced with a new one. Mystery Gifts were accessible through the game's main menu, and could be received simply through connecting to the Internet, while others could be received through the Internet only with the use of a password. Once Mystery Gifts were received, they could be picked up from an NPC known as Delivery Doug in any PokéMart. The developers told that password Pete was killed and they even say there will be a gravestone somewhere in the full game. So far, two Mystery Gifts have been distributed, each using one of the two methods.

Official Mystery Gifts

Gift Lv Type Ability Moves Held item OT Password Available


Setik 5 Bug Poison Tinted Lens Poison Tail, Leer, Bug Bite, Poison Sting Poison Barb PEGTeam PEGupdate 3/10/2015



Caspook 5 Ghost Levitate Trick-or-Treat, Night Shade, Screech n/a 3Spoopy n/a 30/10/2015



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