Prof. Charles Hawthorne
Hawthorne art by siraquakip

Art by SirAquakip from Pokémon Ethereal Gates

Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Gray
Hometown Apalis Town
Region Leneka
Trainer class Regional Pokémon Professor
Generation Leneka
Games Ethereal Gates

Professor Hawthorne is the Pokémon Professor of Leneka in Pokémon Ethereal Gates.

He is studying Pokémon mythology and happened to be visiting Apalis Town looking for assistants for his research.

In the game

Professor Charles Hawthorne surrounds himself in the lore of Pokémon Religion and Mythology.

He has his lab in the northern area of the Leneka Region, and is only visiting in Apalis Town for a short while. However, this is more than enough time to run into unwitting heroes at the start of their journeys.


Sprites & Artwork


Prof. Hawthorne came to Apalis Town in a caravan trailed by a Haibril . Whether this Pokémon is used for battle or only for transportation is unknown at the moment.


  • His appearance may be reference to Charles Darwin, the scientist who hypothesized the evolutionary theory.


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