Sheer Force
In-game description
Removes additional effects to increase move damage.

Sheer Force is an Ability. Four Pokémon can have this Ability.


In Battle

Sheer Force raises the base power of all attacking moves that have an additional effect by 30%, but causes the additional effects to be ignored.

Sheer Force does not negate primary effects such as recoil, stat penalty or status condition for the user, increased critical hit rate, moves that never miss, moves that change power, two-turn moves, etc. Sheer Force will, however, negate all secondary effects, such as reducing the target's stats, increasing the user's stats, or causing a status condition to the target. Moves that have both a primary and secondary effect will have only their secondary effect negated (and gain the power boost). For example, Flare Blitz has both a primary recoil effect and a secondary chance to burn; its damage will be boosted by 30% (but not cause burn) and still inflict recoil to the user after attacking.

If (and only if) a move is boosted by the effect of Sheer Force, it will no longer trigger item or Ability effects that activate after attacking. This includes the effects of Eject ButtonShell Bell, and Red Card, as well as the Ability Color Change. If an item has two effects, only the effect(s) that activate after attacking will be negated. Therefore, if a Pokémon holds a Life Orb, it will gain the passive damage boost (because it is not activated after the attack) but the recoil effect afterward will be ignored.

Outside of Battle

Sheer Force does not have an effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Sheer Force

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
007MS Bubull water water Torrent None Sheer Force
008MS Hippotus water fighting Torrent None Sheer Force
009MS Hydrotomus water fighting Torrent None Sheer Force
Haibril Haibril Normal Normal Pickup Sheer Force None